Welcome to the MIXABLE FESTIVAL, the performance festival for exceptional talent.

Because of the COVID-19, we were forced to change and reschedule the original program. In concrete terms, this means that the festival is moved to 18, 19 and 20th of February 2021 and will be streamed online.

In this first edition, International collaborations versus regional collaborations in the field of inclusion (dance) are central, with a focus on talent development. Different generations and backgrounds come together to share insights, develop thoughts in the field of social, artistic work. The MIXABLE FESTIVAL is an event to promote collaboration in the art field in the field of exceptional talent. The approach is practical, interactive and straightforward!

At the MIXABLE FESTIVAL you can enjoy Dance performances, Masterclasses for professionals and beginners, Interactive Talks, meetings and video screenings.

Participating artists and organizations among others include: Work of Misiconi Dance Company, Adriaan Luteijn-Introdans, Faizah Grootens – Holland Dance Festival, Laura Jones – Stopgap Dance Company, Alex Rigg – Oceans All Over and Theater Sonnevanck.

The Program reflected a wealth of inclusive and diverse regional / international guest participants under the artistic direction of Joop Oonk.T

The full program will follow!