MIXABLE FESTIVAL, The performance festival for exceptional talent! A program full of inclusive talks, workshops and performances.

Misiconi Foundation organizes the Mixable Festival to promote talent development and international collaborations for exceptional talent. Save the date for 18-19-20th of February 2021.You can follow MIXABLE FESTIVAL completely virtually and streamed live from the Luxor Theater Rotterdam!

The Mixable Festival is pleased to present a virtual and inclusive program from the Luxor Theater Rotterdam as the beating heart of the festival in these special times. Different generations and backgrounds come together to be inspired by dance performances, talks and workshops. Both professionals and beginners can participate here.

With: Joop Oonk – Misiconi Dance Company | Adriaan Luteijn – Introdans | Faizah Grootens – Holland Dance Festival | Laura Jones – Stopgap Dance Company | Alex Rigg – Oceans All Over | Theater Sonnevanck

For more information and online ticket sales, please visit our website. Ticket sales start from February 1.

MIXABLE FESTIVAL is an event to promote collaboration in the arts field in the field of exceptional talent. The approach is practical, interactive and straightforward. Mixable Festival is an initiative of the Misiconi Foundation and subsidized by the Erasmus + program and the Fund for Cultural Participation.


Thank you for your patience and best regards,
Also on behalf of the board and Joop Oonk

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